Note: Safari 5.1 drops support for WebKit Plugins, which unfortunately includes ClickToFlash.
Try out Marc Hoyois’ ClickToPlugin Safari Extension.
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  • Block evil Adobe Flash
    Flash only when you want it.
  • One-click Flash loading
    View blocked Flash with just one click.
  • Higher quality YouTube
    Play videos in QuickTime, not Flash.
  • Website Whitelist
    Allow Flash on certain websites.
  • Lowered CPU usage
    Browse the web more quickly.
  • Better battery life
    Browse the web longer on your laptop.
  • Less fan usage and heat
    Browse the web quietly and cooly.
  • Automatic Updating
    Download updates when they're ready.
Problems with ClickToFlash? Please see this page.

Ever wanted to get rid of the scourge of the web that is Adobe Flash, but still retain the ability to view Flash whenever you want? With ClickToFlash, you can! Using ClickToFlash, all of those icky Flash bits that have infected most webpages on the internets are replaced with a nice, smooth gradient and the word "Flash" set in a nice, pleasing font. When you want to view the Flash, just click on it!

The advantages of ClickToFlash are numerous. Since Flash isn't loaded until you specifically ask for it, your CPU usage will stay at normal levels when browsing the web. This has tons of benefits: web browsing stays speedy, your Mac laptop won't get as hot, and your Mac's fan won't come on as often. In fact, we guarantee* that ClickToFlash will quintuple your battery life and that it will protect those precious parts of your body on which you rest your laptop! (*note: not actually guaranteed)

Although similar to Flashblock for Firefox and Camino, ClickToFlash offers features over and above what Flashblock offers, and it offers them for Safari. Best among them, ClickToFlash supports viewing all those ADORABLE meowing cat videos, annoying dog videos, and hilarious rickrolls from YouTube without using Flash at all! That's because YouTube also offers H.264 videos, which are used when viewing YouTube on the iPhone. With ClickToFlash, you get access to those same, higher quality videos.

Come join us! The web is so much better without Flash.

Usage Notes:

Contextual menu: the gear in the upper-left corner of any unloaded Flash box allows access to ClickToFlash's contextual menu. This menu allows you to do advanced things like edit ClickToFlash's whitelist, specify settings, and load all Flash on the page.

ClickToFlash menu: in certain applications, ClickToFlash will activate a menu item in the application's menu. For example, Safari has a ClickToFlash menu located at [Safari --> ClickToFlash], near the "Preferences..." menu item. This gives access to ClickToFlash's settings window and a few other features. Make sure to visit a page that has Flash on it to get this menu.

Uninstalling ClickToFlash: for versions 1.5 and later, go to the Settings window and click the "Uninstall ClickToFlash" button. For versions prior to 1.5, navigate to ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins/ in the Finder, where ~ is your home folder, and delete the item named "ClickToFlash.webplugin" (or "ClickToFlash.plugin").

Please report bugs and request features on the Lighthouse ClickToFlash project site.

Want to chip in? Here's what needs to be done.

Version History:

ClickToFlash's version history can be found at the official Github source code page.